Today's corporate directors are more accountable to companies and shareholders and with the recent changes must have knowledge in a wide range of topics.
Truly effective boards must be made up with individuals that must have expertise and through knowledge in a wide range of topics. They must have expertise in accounting, regulatory, and compensation matters. We will work with you to ensure that the best interests of the shareholders and corporation are taken into account. We can help boards with charter development and Compensation matters as they relate to the new Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) disclosure practices and filing requirements. We work with boards and organizations in helping you to understand what the impact of these guidelines may have on your board and your company. We will help you to identify where compensation issues exist and where disclosure changes might be required.
Since not all boards have expertise in compensation we can assist in developing a total compensation structure for executives, officers and board members. Corporation and Compensation Committee retain us to develop custom survey work including the development of their compensation practices and provide insight into recent trends and market activities.